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rob van der nol

I am fascinated with threshold and change, moments of transformation.
for me, these moments influence and direct the thoughts and appearance of people and also of places.

memories: I am led by my own transformative moments, and allow myself to re-experience them.
this takes me to situations where I am voluntarily homeless, living on the streets for a period.
or it could lead me to organise an event for children, at their moment of transition, during their first day of school.

the result of my work process is normally visualised eventually in an installation, where I try to portray the essentials of what I have experienced and discovered.
this is often accompanied by a published artist book.

a few of my topics are adolescents on the verge of their own discovery, abandoned buildings, and real/virtual wastelands.

in nature I find the visualisation of my story. they are my text. because nature allows me to portray the time and space of my memories.

I search for dark and hidden places, and people at the edge of society. I desire to make the invisible, visible.